spring: a time for new beginnings!


welcome to spears shoots & stalks, a blog about growing, cooking and eating vegetables.

are you excited to be here or what?!!

ok, ok, don’t worry if the prospect of raising your own chard doesn’t inspire you to jump the couch (yet).  that’s my job: to entice you with the prospect of planting, harvesting and preparing the freshest, yummiest, healthiest food you’ll ever eat!

this blog initially started as an exercise in gardening with children.  my three girls are what get me out bed in the morning; the garden is what gets me out of the house.  thank heaven for both!  but while you’ll notice lots of posts intertwining kids and garden, our garden is more than just another thing to do with kids.  it’s my thing; it’s a family thing; and it’s its own thing.  it’s always interesting, a constant source of change and surprise.  it can be soothing and therapeutic, gratifying and edifying; a source of revelations!  it can also be annoying and unpredictable and out of control. (oh yeah. sort of like kids.)

i don’t pretend to know a huge amount about growing vegetables (or children).  in the six years I’ve been gardening and parenting, i’ve had some conspicuous successes and some equally notable failures (the girls are unequivocal successes, despite certain of my failures).  But I am learning… and we’re all eating better… and the effect on the grown-ups’ health, in particular, has been awesome!  good clean fruit-and-vegetable input = optimal energy output!

I hope this blog will be of use to you!  Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.  I’m just a regular chick who spears shoots & stalks.


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