Heavenly Vanilla Shake { V, GF, DF }

I don’t make this stuff up! “Heavenly” is Aliya’s unscripted description of this rich, creamy, tastes-nothing-like-the-seeds-nuts-and-fruit-it’s-made-of, smoothie.  Aliya is very allergic to dairy, and it makes me so happy to be able to make her a dairy-free “milkshake” that helps her not to miss the “real thing”.  This delicious, 100% healthy smoothie — packed with Omega-3’s and -6’s, vitamins and minerals, healthy fats AND protein — is the NEW real thing!

Heavenly Vanilla Shake { V, GF, DF }

2 ripe bananas

1 date — no pit

2 tbsp. walnuts

1 tbsp. raw hemp seeds

1 tsp. flax oil

1 cup cashew milk — can substitute soy or other non-dairy milk

1 cup ice — less if using frozen bananas

generous pinch cinnamon

few drops vanilla extract or 1/2-inch portion vanilla bean

blend ingredients in high speed blender until consistency is thick and frosty.  Enjoy immediately! (bananas will oxidize after 10 minutes or so, and the smoothie will not look or taste quite as fresh).  Makes 2 regular or 3 small servings.

mustaches are so trendy right now…

{go-to} greenie

I make some variation of this green smoothie daily.  If for whatever reason I don’t get around to it in the morning, we’re inevitably craving one by mid-afternoon.  This greenie is our go-to because it tastes great, first and foremost; it has all the health and energy-giving goodness we need to power us through our busy days; and many of the core ingredients — kale, chard, lemon, parsley — are growing in our backyard. Alas, our banana trees have yet to bear fruit, so I buy bananas by the big bunch, wait for them to ripen, peel and freeze them in chunks.

go-to greenie

2 cups green leaves — kale, spinach, chard.

5 sprigs parsley

2 tbsp. lemon juice — or lime juice, if you’ve got it!

1 regular orange or 2 to 3 tangerines

1 banana

2 tbsp. chia seeds

1/2 cup coconut water

1/2 cup ice

optional but recommended: 1 tsp. grated ginger, or a pinch of cayenne pepper

this is more of a greenie template than a greenie recipe.  you can add more and different vegetables (cucumber is always a welcome addition), more and different fruit (kiwi, strawberry, mango have been tested and are tasty), and you can leave out or add in different seeds (chia work beautifully, adding protein and thickness to your greenie, but so do hemp seeds).


say cheese... i mean, greenie!
say cheese… i mean, greenie!

{kid-friendliest} greenie

redhead rocks green juice!
redhead rocks green juice!

so i’ve been blending up greenies for months now, and while Bob and I are sold — drinking our vegetables, and loving it! — the kids have not been having it.  but finally, today, i came up with a recipe that 2 out of 3 kids went crazy for (Aliya is my holdout.  weirdly, she is my only kid that will reliably eat vegetables in solid form.)  well 2 out of 3 kids going crazy for green juice is an excellent result ’round these parts — and here is the recipe:

kid-friendliest greenie (makes enough for 2 / 3)

2 to 3 cups of green leafy vegetables — kale, spinach, and/or chard — tough stems removed

1 orange or 2 to 3 tangerines —  peeled (seeds ok)

juice of 1/2 lemon — about 2 tbsp.

1/2 cup frozen cubed pineapple — pineapple is pivotal here, it’s what sets this greenie apart

1 banana — adds body to the brew

1/2 cup coconut water

1/2 cup ice — or more for a frostier greenie

2 tbsp. chia seeds

blend in a Vitamix or similar high-powered blender until creamy and smooth.

you’ll find that the lemon, orange and pineapple completely hide the flavor of the greens — they are seen, but not tasted!  the lemon also keeps the banana in this blend from oxidizing, so it retains its bright green color.  not only that, the vitamin C in all that citrus helps your body absorb the vitamins in the greens.  you should feel amazing after drinking this greenie; don’t be amazed if even your pickiest, vegetable-avoiding kid, insists on draining your glass!